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Industrial Coatings and Sandblasting Services

Sand Blasting and Industrial Coating Services

Do you own or manage a busy industrial facility, manufacturing plant, chemical or gas plant, or storage warehouse in the South Okanagan? If so, you are no stranger to the expensive maintenance and upkeep these facilities require.  Reducing overhead and annual maintenance costs is important to your operation.  One way industrial operations can shave costs is by placing importance on the longevity of their equipment and facilities.  Industrial coatings when properly applied can add years of service.

Copper Mountain Painting works in a variety of industrial settings, providing high performance industrial painting and coating services on interior and exterior projects throughout the British Columbia.

One of our owners Nikolas Hafstein is NACE CIP3 certified and is highly skilled and experienced in corrosion, surface preparation, cleanliness, environmental conditions, test instruments, coating mixtures, and safety with regards to these types of projects.  Whether you need to paint a metal storage building, add a new tank liner, or paint complex oil or gas piping, we’ll be able to help.

Industrial Coating Inspections

As we are NACE CIP3 certified we also provide industrial coating inspection services for existing coatings that need to be inspected on a regular basis or to ensure your painting contractor is applying the coatings correctly for the type of materials and environment the coatings will be exposed to.

Industrial Coatings Can Be Highly Specialized

These types of large scale industrial painting projects aren’t something your standard house painting contractor can complete. Highly specialized environments require intimate knowledge of the wide range of coatings on the market and their very specific applications. Copper Mountain Panting has the equipment, experience, and processes in place to help our customers avoid wasteful spending at their facility.

Industrial painting and coating projects require well-trained staff ready to work in a variety of dangerous environments including heights. We maintain our own safety equipment and can operate specialty equipment such as buckets and lifts when a project requires them.  Located in Princeton, BC we are positioned to provide our industrial coating services throughout the Southern Okanagan.

  • Plant and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Steel Buildings, Metal Roofs and Siding
  • Structural Steel
  • Tank Linings
  • Lead Paint Abatement
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Concrete Floor Coatings
  • Floor Line Painting
  • Storage Tanks and Silos

Surface Preparation (Sand Blasting) is Critical with Industrial Painting
Our experienced painting crew is well versed in the appropriate methods of surface preparation in a variety of challenging industrial environments.  With these types of projects it’s not uncommon to have many layers of old paint, rust, and various surface contaminants that would otherwise prevent paint from properly adhering to the surface.  These contaminants must be properly removed prior to painting or coating.

The surface preparation methods we often use include:

  • Sand and Media Blasting
  • Power Washing
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Sanding and Abrasive Materials

Types of Paints and High Performance Coatings We Work With

We are experienced and well versed on the current industrial coatings on the market, and how and where they should be applied for maximum benefit.  We help facility owners or managers decide which coatings or paints will be the best choice for their working environment.

  • Multi Part Epoxies
  • Oil and Latex Based Paints
  • Rust Coatings
  • Urethane Coatings
  • Non Slip Coatings

If you have an industrial building or facility that needs to be painted in the South Okanagan then give us a call today (250) 295-5925 or fill out our online contact form and we can arrange for your estimate.

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